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DBS Telecoms offers virtual local phone numbers for 479 different UK towns and cities

DBS Telecoms provides virtual local phone numbers for nearly 500 different area codes in the UK, including 0203, 0207 and 0208 London numbers. This article provides a list of its top 20 most popular area codes for virtual local phone numbers.

2008 Home Information Pack review one year after implementation in the UK.

The UK housing market has been using the HIP – Home Information pack and Energy Performance Certificate for one year. What changes are there in legislation and how will that concern the average home buyer and seller?

Employment Law Advice that Could Help your Business.

Whether you are a long established company or a business just starting up it is essential as an employer to know the laws that protect your employees and the rights they are entitled to. UK employee grievances are on the rise; so what do you need to know about the law?

Contesting A Will is the Ramification of Not Following a Few Simple Suggestions.

Modern Britain has a variety of options available when it comes to having or writing a will. What will happen to you if you do not have a will?

SOS Help – Need Employment Advice Right Now?

Having problems at work with a colleague or even the boss and unsure of what rights you may have? Even worse are you about to be made redundant and do not know what to do? Solutions are available and you may have more rights than you know about…

0800 Numbers – The 7 Most Frequently Asked Questions!

0800 numbers are becoming more and more popular as businesses realise that potential customers are more likely to make a call if it’s free. Buying 0800 numbers online can be a potential minefield. I have provided answers to the seven most frequently asked questions regarding 0800 numbers which will help you get the best deal on 0800 numbers for your business.

Manchester Dental Implant Guide on a Broken or Fractured Tooth.

Implant dentistry can provide a variety of treatments to patients that have had an accident and broken / fractured a tooth. Below is a basic guide to the options and treatments available if you have experienced a mouth trauma.

Employment Law Training Increase by Businesses Combating the use of Modern Technology.

From mobile phones to social networking websites, the workplace is being exploited by the misuse of modern technologies. Employers need to recognise that steps need to be taken to combat the ever growing use of mobile phones and similar technologies by means of remaining up to date with recent employment laws.

Cataract Reversal Without Surgery; Can-C Eye Drops Present an Alternative to Eye Surgery!

Can-C eye drops safely reverse cataracts and are approved by the IVP for use on cataract suffering adults and backed by veterinarians for use on the common condition in senior dogs. The new treatment avoids the need for surgical removal of cataracts and high priced private surgery while offering affordability and acknowledged proven results.

Mid UK Plasterboard Recycling recycles over 100,000 tons per year of mixed waste into....

Mid UK Plasterboard Recycling recycles over 100,000 tons per year of mixed waste into a sustainable raw material for a range of alternative markets.