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Mid UK Plasterboard Recycling recycles over 100,000 tons per year of mixed waste into....

Date Added: November 06, 2007 12:49:58 PM
The introduction by UK Law that all plasterboard & gypsum wastes must be disposed of correctly achieves its purpose in regulating this type of business waste.
The correct procedure for disposal is into specifically constructed cells at landfill sites. But concernedly with only a small number of landfill sites able to provide this facility in the UK, the disposal costs can range from £80 to £120 per tonne. Even more alarming is that with the increasing burden of landfill tax, these costs are set to rise! 
What you need is plasterboard recycling charges that consistently result in significant savings when compared to landfill costs, providing incentives to businesses to recycle. This is now a viable solution for the UK with the introduction of Mid UK Recycling Ltd who is successfully providing environmentally sound and cost effective Plasterboard Recycling solutions for well respected and environmentally responsible companies throughout the UK.
For example ISO 9002 accredited Mid UK has a plasterboard recycling facility that is designed to service a wide range of end users including plasterboard distributors, dry lining contractors, waste management companies, developers and construction companies. Bringing a large portion of this industry into current day environmental awareness and action.
Large scale bulk plasterboard recycling and gypsum recycling is a core part of Mid UK’s business. Not to mention they have a growing fleet of over 50 vehicles and a relatively new fully licensed purpose built 15 acre facility located near the A1 in West Lincolnshire UK. Statistics show that their facility at Caythorpe processes over 100,000 tonnes per annum of mixed wastes and they have a waste transfer facility to assist them in increasing their service area and the wide range of materials they recycle. Chris Mountains of Mid UK reported that “businesses needing to find cost effective recycling and waste solutions have been met with our affordable waste management centres that can tailor to each businesses requirement.”
The best news is that Mid UK can recycle and recover 100% of all waste plasterboard because their unique plasterboard recycling technology allows all unwanted waste to be reprocessed into a usable, sustainable and environmentally positive raw material for a range of alternative markets. Good news for UK business in what can only be classified as a win-win situation.
If you generate waste plasterboard or gypsum waste, it is a relief to know affordable solutions are available nationwide. If you know someone with plasterboard recycling concerns then pass them this article in a bid to help Great Britain “Go Greener”.
 Mid UK has been offering recycling solutions to private individuals and businesses since 1997. For additional information, quotations or questions regarding plasterboard recycling contact Chris Mountain of Mid UK at 

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