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Sue Your Surgeon
The future of legal resources for Medical & Clinical Negligence Claims in the UK.
Escape Electronic Cigarettes
Escape Vapourettes offer an alternative that continues to provide all the things you like about smoking, the sensation, the taste, the nicotine and the social experience – but without all of the things you don’t need that are in tobacco cigarettes, the thousands of chemicals and carcinogens, tar, carbon monoxide and arsenic. It is an easy to use electronic vapour cigarette that looks and feels like a tobacco cigarette and provides the most realistic electronic smoking experience possible.
Cosmetics Fairy Discount Beauty Products
Online retailer of discount cosmetics from leading brands
Compression gloves
The compression gloves principle used by Doctor Arthritis medical company in their copper infused gloves and copper infused sleeves help reduce the swelling produced by joint and muscular arthritis. The gloves and sleeves provide the perfect combination of support and compression which is given by the copper in the textile. Putting the right amount of pressure to the joint and muscular area these copper gloves and sleeves improve the lifestyle of patients suffering from arthritis.


Cataract Reversal Without Surgery; Can-C Eye Drops Present an Alternative to Eye Surgery!

Can-C eye drops safely reverse cataracts and are approved by the IVP for use on cataract suffering adults and backed by veterinarians for use on the common condition in senior dogs. The new treatment avoids the need for surgical removal of cataracts and high priced private surgery while offering affordability and acknowledged proven results.