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Memorable 0800 Numbers
Golden 0800 numbers - Gold 0800 numbers - Silver 0800 numbers - Platinum 0800 numbers. Website dedicated to information about Memorable 0800 numbers in the United Kingdom. These are free phone telephone numbers that potential customers would remember through memory and are prices higher than a standard 0800 number.
Organic 0844 Numbers
This webpage is dedicated entirely to 0844 Organic Numbers and will host an information based website.
Organic 0845 Numbers
Temp landing page in preparation for the new 0845 organic numbers website which will contain information on 0845 numbers and also the ability to purchase online.
The 0800 Number Company
Company provides feature rich free phone 0800 numbers to the UK. Customised call whispers, call waiting and call plans to suit all needs.
The 0845 Number Company
The 0845 Number Company provides feature rich 0845 numbers to UK businesses. We can set up call whispers, call waiting and call plans to suit your business needs.


DBS Telecoms offers virtual local phone numbers for 479 different UK towns and cities

DBS Telecoms provides virtual local phone numbers for nearly 500 different area codes in the UK, including 0203, 0207 and 0208 London numbers. This article provides a list of its top 20 most popular area codes for virtual local phone numbers.

0800 Numbers – The 7 Most Frequently Asked Questions!

0800 numbers are becoming more and more popular as businesses realise that potential customers are more likely to make a call if it’s free. Buying 0800 numbers online can be a potential minefield. I have provided answers to the seven most frequently asked questions regarding 0800 numbers which will help you get the best deal on 0800 numbers for your business.